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papa john's pizza delivery app

Time Meson

Time Mason is a social media app that allows you to post content and gain followers. You can also share photos with your friends and other users. Sharing your posts with your friends will help grow your brand and find potential customers for any business you may have.

Businesses can also use Time Mason to connect with potential customers. By sharing your posts and engaging in conversations, you'll be able to show prospective buyers that you're an expert in your industry. By sharing your posts, it will be easy for users to identify your expertise in certain fields. You can also use Time Mason to talk directly with potential buyers by responding to questions or starting conversations about their needs or specific industry topics.

papa john's pizza delivery app


Sign up & Sign In: Time Mason provides an easy sign-in/sign-up facility so that users can start sharing their business details. All they are needed to do is enter their personal information (name, phone number, email id) and the business information they represent.

Post Category: Users can select the post category they are interested in and start exploring things. Businesses can also categorize their business details in the category to define themself as separate from others.

Chat: To reduce the communication gap between customers and businesses, chat has been introduced on the Time Mason app. It can be used by businesses and customers to ensure that people get instant answers to all queries without any delay.

User Profile: Once a user signs up with the Time Mason app, they need to create a profile with basic details such as name, photo, work experience etc. The profile will enable other people to know more about you.

My Booking: Users can see their bookings and manage their orders from my booking section. Businesses, on the other hand, can see how many bookings they have and the status of their previous bookings.

Business Profile: With this feature, businesses can promote themselves by uploading pictures, videos, texts and all social media posts. Manage all your profile details here and keep your audience updated.

Task Sheet: Businesses can enjoy task sheets to manage their activities. Everything is done in this module, from creating tasks to assigning them, managing priorities, getting feedback and reporting tasks.

My Services: Users can use the 'My Services' tab to list all their services. They can also update their services as per demand on this page. For example, they can remove it from this page if they offer catering service but not anymore.

Our Approach and Result

We use an intuitive design, technology, and marketing strategy to create a social media app that is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use. Time Mason is the best way to grow your brand as well as find potential customers on social media. In addition, this all-in-one photo sharing app allows you to engage your clients in live chat with text, enabling two-way communication for online businesses (personal branding).

We began by building a solid foundation for our social media app; we gathered real-time analytics, created premium quality photo filters, developed user-friendly UI/UX, and integrated live chat systems with back-end database technologies. We ensure that data flows smoothly without issues through our easy-to-use web dashboard.

We have managed to break new ground in developing an all-in-one photo sharing app that is aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, yet still packed with features!

The Complexities

Developing Time Mason was a challenge from the start. We faced many complexities in developing this app, including How to ensure that our branding is consistent across all platforms? Should we use the app's existing social media platform or create something new? What features does this app need, and how not overload the app with unnecessary apps, etc.?

We began by first analyzing our goal, which is to make users' lives easier. We have a huge passion for social media, and it's a privilege that we connect with new people daily through our interactions on various platforms. At first, we had no idea how to create an app that would tie together these experiences while also allowing us to reach more people through brand exposure.

We came up with a plan, both visually and conceptually, for how we wanted our app to be. After months of brainstorming, we brought on an experienced team that had developed apps before, which was invaluable in making us feel comfortable with their skill set. With our team locked down, we began working earnestly on building out Time Mason.

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Technology Stacks

PHP 7.2
Laravel 5.6

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